1 division, sharing out, distribution, partition.
2 separation, division, disunion, split-up.
3 division.
4 division, branch, subsidiary.
5 partition, division, wall.
6 department, sector, division.
7 scission, division.
8 splitting, division.
La división del átomo The splitting of the atom.
9 division, military division.
10 Division.
11 cleavage.
* * *
nombre femenino
1 division
2 figurado division, divergence
hay division de opiniones there's a divergence of opinion
división acorazada/blindada MILITAR armoured (US armored) division
división de honor DEPORTE league of honour (US honor)
primera/segunda división DEPORTE first/second division
* * *
noun f.
* * *
1) (=separación) [de célula] division; [de átomo] splitting; [de gastos, ganancias] division

tras la división del país — after the country was divided

hay división de opiniones — opinions are divided

división del trabajo — division of labour

división de poderes — division of powers

2) (Mat) division

hacer una división — to divide, do a division

3) (=desunión) [de partido, familia] division, split

no existe división entre nosotros — there is no division o split between us

4) (Dep) division

primera división — first division

segunda división — second division

división de honor — top division; (Ftbl) premier division

5) (Mil) division

general de división — major general

división acorazada — tank division

la División Azul — the Blue Division

6) (Com) (=sección) division
7) (Bio) (=categoría) category
8) (=zona)

división administrativa, división territorial — administrative region

* * *
a) (Mat) division

hacer una división — to do a division

b) (desunión) division
c) (del átomo) splitting; (de célula) division, splitting; (de herencia) division, sharing (out)
d) (Adm, Dep, Mil) division
* * *
a) (Mat) division

hacer una división — to do a division

b) (desunión) division
c) (del átomo) splitting; (de célula) division, splitting; (de herencia) division, sharing (out)
d) (Adm, Dep, Mil) division
* * *
1 = division.
Nota: Operación matemática.

Ex: Computers have circuits for performing arithmetic operations, such as: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and exponentiation.

2 = divide, division, partition, split, splitting up, cleavage, rift, segmentation, splitting, splintering, splinter, balkanization, fault line, parting, divided line.

Ex: Nevertheless, this basic divide remains a useful distinction between two major categories of indexing systems.

Ex: In simple terms, the essence of subject organisation is the division of literature (or references to literature) into manageable, or scannable categories, with each category being associated with an index term.
Ex: It is concluded that the choice of citation and co-citation thresholds can be influenced by formal considerations which ensure statistically meaningful partitions rather than arbitrary decision which can produce meaningless interpretations.
Ex: The information note may consist of a brief history of a corporate body, highlighting changes in the body's name, mergers with other bodies, splits within or between bodies, etc.
Ex: New topics develop not merely by fission -- the splitting up of established subjects -- but also by fusion -- the merging of previously distinct subjects.
Ex: After the Civil War, Emerson saw in collegiate education 'a cleavage occurring in the hitherto firm granite of the past'.
Ex: Chief among these challenges is the technological rift that exists between the Third World and on-line systems that have their roots in technologically advanced societies.
Ex: Using this method, the segmentation of natural keywords can be handled flexibly.
Ex: The most obvious threat is the splitting of the media sector into separate information and entertainment sectors.
Ex: This splintering of membership hinders the development of library unionism as a factor within the profession.
Ex: However, others see the splinters in the discipline as a step in its revitalization.
Ex: This shifts in emphasis mirror the general balkanization of modern American society.
Ex: These views underlie the fault line that divides British politics today.
Ex: A brief selection of possible scientific explanations for a number of biblical miracles -- Noah's flood, the parting of the Red Sea, the burning bush, the ten plagues, manna from heaven, and the raising of Lazarus -- is provided.
Ex: The 1944 Education Act established free, universal secondary education but on the divided lines suited to the needs of capitalism.
* división cultural, la = cultural divide, the.
* división del mercado por grupos de consumidores = market segmentation.
* división del trabajo = division of labour.
* división de opiniones = division of opinion, split decision, divided opinions.
* división de poderes = division of powers.
* división digital, la = digital divide, the.
* división + no estar clara = blur + division.
* división política = political division.
* división territorial = land division.
* haber división de opiniones = be split on, opinion + be divided.
* haber división de opiniones entre los críticos = critics + be divided.
* hacer desaparecer una división = blur + division.
* punto de división = break.
* salvar la división = bridge + the divide.

3 = unit, division.
Nota: Estructura dentro de una organización.

Ex: Therefore, during the concluding phase of the revision project, the representatives of ALA units and other organizations will function as a single group.

Ex: She did not know at the time that she would never return to that department, or to the larger division that later incorporated it.
* característica de división = characteristic of division.
* de la división = divisional.
* división canónica = canonical division.
* división de forma = form division.
* división de honor = premiership.
* división del censo = census tract.
* división de país = country division.
* División de Préstamo de la Biblioteca Británica (BLLD) = British Library Lending Division (BLLD).
* División de Servicios Bibliográficos de la Biblioteca Británica (BLBSD) = British Library Bibliographic Services Division (BLBSD).
* división en departamentos = departmentation.
* división en secciones = departmentation.
* división enumerada = enumerated division.
* división geográfica = geographical division.
* jugador de primera división = major league player.
* primera división = premiership.
* Primera División, la = First Division, the.
* sin división espacial = spatially unstructured.

* * *
1 (Mat) division
tengo que hacer cinco divisiones I have to do five divisions o division sums
2 (desunión) division
hay divisiones/hay una división en el seno del partido there are divisions/there is a division within the party
3 (del átomo) splitting; (de una célula) division, splitting; (de una herencia) division, sharing, sharing out
4 (Mil) division
la División Azul the Blue Division
5 (Dep) division
la Primera División the First Division
6 (Adm) division
la división financiera the financial division o section
división administrativa
administrative region
división de poderes
separation of powers
división del trabajo
division of labor*
división territorial
administrative region
* * *


división sustantivo femenino (en general) division;
hacer una división (Mat) to do a division

división sustantivo femenino division: la división acorazada está en camino, the armoured division is on the way

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* * *
división nf
1. [repartición] division;
[partición] splitting up; [de átomo] splitting;
hablaron sobre la división de la herencia they talked about how the inheritance was to be divided
división de poderes separation of powers;
división del trabajo division of labour
2. [diversidad]
hubo división de opiniones opinion was divided;
aquí hay división de gustos musicales people have different tastes in music here
3. [desunión] division;
hay mucha división en el partido the party is very divided, there's a lot of division in the party
4. [departamento] division, department;
la división comercial de la empresa the firm's commercial department o division
5. [matemática] division
6. [militar] division
división acorazada armoured division
7. [deportiva] division;
primera/segunda división first/second division;
bajar a segunda división to be relegated to the second division
la división de honor the first division, Br ≈ the Premier League
* * *
1 MAT, MIL, DEP division
hubo división de opiniones there were differences of opinion
* * *
división nf, pl -siones : division
* * *
división n division

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